The configuration for the features tab under the plugin's settings
Here's all the details of the additional features of the plugin, so you can effectively configure them.


The torch button can be turned on or off to clear up navbar space if you don't want it. It has the same settings as standard effects but with some added extras for a manual trigger.
Using @ commands to trigger the torch can enable cool integrations with other software, such as OctoLapse.

Toggle Mode

The torch button or @ command turns the torch on permanently, until it is turned off. This blocks any other effects.

Timed Mode

The torch button starts a timer to turn off after configurable length of time.

Active Times

The LED strip will turn on at the start time, off at the end time. Potentially useful if you don't want them on overnight.
Make sure your system time is set on the server. If you want to change this run sudo raspi-config on the Pi.
This currently does not support the end time being later than the start time, since it will end up with all the LEDs being off.

M150 Intercept

Enable intercepting and using M150 commands. If not checked, these commands will be sent to the printer.
For documentation of the command, please see the M150 Intercept documentation page.

Debug Logging

Debug logging logs a lot more information about the effect runner process. This will help massively when reporting issues on Github, so please enable it when reporting issues!
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