Setup in Docker
Using OctoPrint in a docker container? You need to do some slightly different config.
This step is not required if you are not using a docker container. The standard setup guide can be found here
You will still need to follow the full setup guide, this is additional.
The plugin needs to be able to access 3 files to run. These are:
  • /boot/config.txt
  • /boot/commandline.txt
  • /proc/device-tree/model
It also needs access to the underlying hardware to drive the LEDs. To do this it will need to run privileged with docker.
This guide assumes you are using the official OctoPrint container and it's docker-compose.yml file.
Add the following mappings to docker-compose.yml under the volumes: section of the OctoPrint service
- octoprint:/octoprint
- /boot/config.txt:/boot/config.txt
- /boot/cmdline.txt:/boot/cmdline.txt
To enable access to the hardware to drive the LEDs, the container must be run privileged:
privileged: true
The final file should look something like this Gist:
Version 0.6.0 of the plugin requires these files to exist on the system for the UI to work. When these don't exist, it crashes the web UI.
Even if your system doesn't use these files, they must exist - just skip the wizard and it will not add anything to them
You may still need to use the SPI setup guide, adjusting the paths.
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