Progress Effects
Progress can be tracked as well, to display more detailed status
Each progress effect has some standard options, to customise them. Individual effects have additional options, listed alongside them.

Standard Options

  • Enabled
  • Progress Colour The colour to indicate the progress of whatever event is happening.
  • Base Colour
    The base/background colour of the progress indication.
In addition, there are two global options:
  • Reverse the direction of the progress bar
  • Base temperature Heating/cooling progress bar will make '0' the temperature specified. Suggested value is just below room temperature, so that the progress bar starts closer to the end of the strip.


Printing Progress

Matches the progress bar in OctoPrint's UI, on your LED strip.

Heating Progress

Triggered when a blocking heating command (M109 or M190) sent to the printer.
Additional options:
  • Index of tool to track Leave this at 0 for single extruder printers, for multiple extruder printers you can choose a single tool to track.
  • Enable tracking tool heating
  • Enable tracking bed heating

Cooling Progress

Triggered only on print success, this will display the progress of the printer while it is still cooling, until the threshold is reached, and then the 'Print Success' effect would run.
Additional options:
  • Track cooling on bed or tool - select one, since they usually cool down at the same time.
  • Cooling temperature threshold - the temperature when cooling tracking should stop.
Don't set cooling tracking below room temperature, or this effect will never end!