M150 Intercept
WS281x LED Status will intercept M150 commands to control the LEDs.
Commands should be formatted as such:
M150 [P{intensity}] [R{intensity}] [G{intensity}] [B{intensity}] [W{intensity}]
Brightness, max 255. If not included, defaults to maximum brightness in the settings
Red intensity, max 255.
Green intensity, max 255. Can also be U for Marlin compatibility.
Blue intensity, max 255.
White intensity, max 255.
All of the parameters are optional, and can be included in any order. If an option is not included, its value is 0 - as a result sending an empty M150 command will turn the LEDs off.
It's not recommended to send an empty M150, and instead use @ commands to turn the LEDs on and off.
M150 R255 G255 # Sets LEDs to yellow
M150 G238 B255 # Sets to light-ish blue
M150 W100 # Sets to white, at 100 intensity
M150 R255 P200 # Sets LEDs to red, at 200 brightness

What does the W parameter do?

On a standard RGB WS281x strip, the W parameter sets an equal value of R, G and B on the LEDs.
If you have an RGBW strip and enable the 'Use dedicated white' setting, the W parameter will control the white LEDs only.
Sending any of R, G or B with the command takes priority over the W.
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