Printing Effects
The core of the plugin, the most used feature to find the status of your printer.
The plugin reacts to several events to display printing effects. For each of these effects, they have similar settings:
  • Enable Whether the effect will run or not
  • Effect One of the available effects
  • Colour The primary colour to run the effect. Note this is ignored in some effects.
  • Delay The length of time to wait between each frame of the effect.
Some events also have some specific settings, these are detailed alongside them.


  • Startup
  • Printer Connected/Idle
  • Printer Disconnected
  • Print Success
    • This effect has configurable 'Return to idle' time in seconds. Set to 0 to disable returning to idle.
  • Print Failed
  • Print Paused
  • Printing
    • This effect will override the print progress effect.


All the standard effects available, with fancy visualisations!

Solid Colour

Sets all LEDs to one colour, forever.

Colour Wipe

Wipes colour across the strip pixel by pixel, then clears it pixel by pixel.

Colour Wipe V2

Wipes colour pixel by pixel, as above, but to clear it turns around and heads backwards.


Fades brightness up and down. Looks better in real life than the visualisation below!


Sends a pulse of light bouncing from one side of your strip to the other.

Solo Bounce

Sends just a single pixel from one side to the other, bouncing about.


Cycles all the LEDs through the rainbow together.

Rainbow Cycle

Rainbow that cycles across the strip, so a full rainbow is across the whole strip at once.


Two pixels bouncing in opposite directions, crossing over in the middle.


Sets all LEDs to a random colour, then changes a random pixel, to a new random colour

Bouncy Balls

A physics based effect, simulating 2 balls bouncing up and down. Looks great on longer strips (and shorter ones too...!).
Unfortunately creating the simulation for this effect didn't work, so is unavailable for now. Sorry!